“Getting to the Bottom of It” - #Blog365 Day 239

Sometimes, we are required to truly investigate deeply if we are to get the answers we hope to get in a timely manner.

Sometimes, the answers, and additional questions, are buried so deeply that we can’t even fathom finding where they are, and where they lead.

And sometimes, even after we dig deeply, we can’t get to any real answers, because they are so wrapped up in other holes that have not yet been dug.

And in all cases, there is only a certain amount of time to investigate.

For whatever reason, sometimes we aren’t as transparent as we need to be and should be. And, that lack of transparency can lead others to believe they aren’t getting the full story (which, in all fairness, may be the case).

Two things need to be kept in mind here: First, we should always do our best to be fully transparent. No one wants to have to explain themselves after the fact, and often, the more information we give, the more likely we are to trusted, and therefore the more likely we are to be able to accomplish the good work we are tasked with.

Second, we should realize the importance of peeling the onion and identifying what we really need to get to the bottom of. With so many possible pathways to any resolution, and with only a finite amount of time to follow those pathways, our work is often cut out for us. So, we need to think carefully about how best to research the answers and decide on the follow up. While seeking the truth is always important, we have to also remember that just as important is continuous improvement; we don’t always have the time for both.