“Time for an Upgrade” - #Blog365 Day 265

If you’re a gamer, and you use any number of gaming systems, you know the idea behind an upgrade. It’s simple really. Whether in the game, or in the game system itself, an upgrade allows you to do more and explore more; it’s similar to “leveling up a character” so that you can progress in a game and get further.

Sometimes, upgrading takes time, and in the gaming world, this is often referred to as “grinding.” Basically, you’re doing what you can to build your experience and get to a point where you can move forward. Other times, you’re given an upgrade or can purchase one. This often takes the time out of getting there, but sometimes leaves you feeling not quite as satisfied as when you grind through.

Learning and leading is much like that. There are times where we’re provided with an upgrade, which can be great, but can often leave us wondering “what now.” At other times, we have to work incredibly hard to progress, and that can feel great, as we’ve built up our experience to now move forward. In addition, as we build up our experience, we get a better sense of where we can go with it, and what might be yet to come.

Regardless of how we get an upgrade, it is imperative that we get them. Learning and leading can’t happen unless we are willing to change our circumstances. And, one of the best ways to do that, is to notice when upgrades are available and, when possible, work collaboratively to achieve them.

We all benefit when we learn and lead more effectively. And to that, we need to upgrade our thinking and do regularly.