“Doing Some Weeding” - #Blog365 Day 266

I enjoy engaging in yard work. It is a great way to get outside, and like a few hobbies I have in my life, allows my mind to wander. While I need to pay attention to what I’m doing, my concentration isn’t taxed like it might be with other activities.

One part of the regular yardwork I do is weeding. While growth is good, sometimes, we need to make sure we’re letting the right things grow. Otherwise, we spend too much of our energy growing in too many different directions.

While weeding can be tough, it is also necessary. And, like with our own growth, we have to constantly monitor where the weeds are growing and how big they are getting. Just like we want to drive our focus towards a few key things at a time, we can’t let weeds grow too big, otherwise our investment in the wrong ideas, and the wrong processes, will create problems for us down the line.

Sometimes too, we need to make sure we have the right tools in place when we start to weed. A handy shovel, and some gloves, can prevent us from becoming too frustrated, and from hurting ourselves. As we monitor our own growth, it is always helpful to project, and later reflect on, what it is we need to make the most of our learning, and also what we need to more effectively learn and lead.

Weeding, like learning, requires us to be vigilant, active, and observant. These key skills will serve us well, whether engaging in yard work or our own growth.