“Keep It Simple” - #Blog365 Day 267

Sometimes, reflection can be kept quick and easy. Sometimes, part of reflecting is understanding that reflections don’t have to be lengthy, or deeply involved. Rather, they can just be. Such is the case with my post for today. These next few days will be incredibly busy for me, and while I’m very committed to this blogging endeavor, I also recognize that the goal is to reflect, and to write.

But, it has to be on my time if I’m to keep it going. So, at times, we just need to keep things simple, recognize that some days provide us with more time to reflect than others, and keep moving forward.

While this post is nowhere near my longest, nor my most reflective, it does highlight a key component of being a reflective leader and learner.

That is to welcome reflection however and whenever it comes, and use it to help move forward.