“Giving It Your Best Shot” - #Blog365 Day 285

While I wish I could do things perfectly, I’ve come to the realization over the course of my life and my career that I am far from perfect. In fact, perfection is very, very, far from being close to reach for me. And, I’ve learned that this is quite good.

Rather, it is about giving it my best, as often as I can, that is most important.

In order for me to give an idea, project, or experience my best, I’ve learned that I need to be cognizant of three things. In no particular order, here they are:

·         I need a semi-clean plate in order to feel as if I’m giving my all to my current work. When my plate or To-Do list gets too covered, then I spend more time managing tasks, and less time going into the depth and detail that makes me so effective at what I do. While a half-filled dance card is great for me, a completely filled one often puts me in a situation where I spin my wheels; definitely a situation that I would rather avoid.

·         I need a mix of collaborative time and independent time. I relish working with others and reflecting by myself, and if I am to do my best work, I need to be provided with the opportunity to do both. If the balance moves too much towards one end, then I tend to become less effective at what I do.

·         I need to practice. I’m rarely a “once and get it” type of person. I need to engage in continued work, and continued review, if I am to do work well. While this makes sense, it also showcases my need for more time. Time to do work, and time to practice to make it better.

There are more requirements for my best work than these three, but these are big ones. If I can meet each of these, then clearly I am on my way to great leading and learning.