“Putting It All Together” - #Blog365 Day 286

We had some work done on our basement over the last few weeks. And, with the vast majority of that work now done, I’ve been working on putting some furniture together.

I enjoy the puzzle of determining how to best put items together, both from using any included materials or resources, or toying around on my own. And, I’m always amazed at how different parts combine, and how some parts, no matter how hard we try, never seem to fit right.

I remember as a teenager spending time taking apart an early computer, and marveling at the pieces inside, even though I had no clue what all of them (heck, most of them) did.

Many leaders find the “puzzle” aspect of their work enticing, and I am certainly one of those. I like facing really deep and challenging problems, and considering the ways that they can be addressed. I also like those problems that are less pressing, and that can be toyed with a number of times, allowing for the continued learning that comes from retrying things, and not necessarily being so worried with the repercussions.

In addition, there is something special about playing a role in solving a juicy problem, or seeing the fruits of one’s labor in putting a project (or product) together. In some cases the recognition from others feels good.

But in all cases, the internal satisfaction of reaching a benchmark spurs us forward to do even more great work. I think the best leaders relish putting things together and taking them apart on a daily basis, and as I continue to grow in my work, I’m looking forward to getting even better at this!