“The Customer is Always Right” - #Blog365 Day 290

I’ve been struggling with getting customer support around a cable issue. We recently added an additional set top box to our package, and with the addition of the box came the removal of other services that we wanted to keep.

This was besides the fact that when working to add the box we had discussed with the sales representative that we wanted all of our current features to remain.

Apparently, that got lost in the conversation.

So, since that time, I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to work with the vendor to fix the problem. This is a two-step process that would result in adding the service back, and keeping the costs where they were promised.

So far, I’ve probably invested close to three hours in this process. All to no avail.

This isn’t a unique story at all. In fact, I would say that our society is suffering a bit from a customer service problem, one where the customer is rarely right, or, where at least, the customer is right, but companies hope that that the customer will simply give up in the process.

This made me consider the importance of always remembering the value of service, and keeping my focus on serving others. While it is possible that the customer may be wrong, it is still always the responsibility of the leader to determine how to serve that person, and how to make sure that, whether wrong or right, the person gets what they hoped for, or at least as close as possible. As my frustration with my cable company has grown, I’ve realized how this negatively affects an organization’s capacity to grow. If I lose faith in a company, I’ll share that with others, who may lose faith too.

Since our organizations all rely on the future for our continued existence, we must make sure that we support those we serve in any way possible and through whatever means are necessary!