“Just Clowning Around” - #Blog365 Day 291

I’m lucky to be included in a group of high-powered curriculum leaders that meets on a regular basis. Our meetings are professionally very satisfying, and, as I’ve written previously, I often feel as if I am the weakest link in the room.

And, these meetings are often very satisfying on a personal level as well; this is truly a group of caring and committed leaders that feels strongly about the success of all members that make up the team.

One of the really nice aspects about the group, especially for me, is that despite the hard work, challenges, and serious nature of much of what is discussed, the group refuses to take itself too seriously.

One of the trappings of working in education is often a feeling or belief that everything is dire, and there is no time for fun or laughter.

I would contend that in our field, much the opposite is needed. If we aren’t willing to laugh at ourselves, and laugh alongside others, than we will never be able to build and sustain the relationships we need in order to move past the serious work that we encounter regularly.

As a quick case-in-point: the meetings that I mentioned? Certainly they are serious. But, every June we make time at the end of the meeting for a picture in some sort of hilarious costume. Last year it was with clown noses and glasses, this year it was with animal masks, in the past it has been with funky sunglasses. While I won’t share that picture along with this post, it does get shared on our private group site.

The key? While we might refrain from being seen as jokesters, the importance of laughing while we lead can never be forgotten.