“A Silver Lining” - #Blog365 Day 292

We had a lot of things planned this weekend.

My daughter was going to be finishing up her season of soccer and would be taking season pictures.

My parents were going to be coming up to spend time with their grandkids.

We were planning on getting together with our neighbors and letting the kids enjoy the great weather.

Of course, the best laid plans don’t always turn out the way we envision.

This morning, my oldest woke up with a fairly high fever, and though she is up and about, and playing with her younger sister, it is clear that she needs some time to rest and get better.

She was incredibly disappointed that she would be missing her last soccer game of the season, and was really sad that she wouldn’t be able to see her grandparents.

But, every negative situation has a potential silver lining. Being more or less stuck in the house means that we’ll be able to continue work on our basement, clean out a few of our rooms for our town’s upcoming bulk pickup, and take the weekend with a slower pace than we normally would.

Whether looking at a situation through a personal or professional lens, we have to make sure we always consider the silver lining that exists. That silver lining is what allows us to continue to move towards a positive outcome for as many people as possible, and it is also what lets us make sure that we see the value of a positive outlook.

We can’t always assume that things will always be “good.” But, we can take a look at the things that happen, and do our best to find the “good” that exists in all of them.