“The Perfect Trip” - #Blog365 Day 310

We’re coming back from a short jaunt to Nashville for Independence Day. This trip was only two nights, and it was one of the best family vacations we’ve taken so far. We had time to do everything we wanted, and the kids had more fun than we could have imagined.

We all smiled a lot, ate too much, and laughed quite often. I turned to my wife at one point, as we were enjoying ices, and said, “This is really the perfect trip.”

I started to think about why it was so perfect, and what made it a trip to remember. I realized that two key components were present that really tend to lead things to go down a positive path (and these can apply either to our personal or professional lives).

First, we were able to accomplish all the activities and see all the sights that we had planned. While we were only in Nashville for two days, we knew that there were a number of places we wanted to visit, and places we wanted to eat. We were able to share all of our favorites with our kids, and get them really excited about a city we both love. It’s always nice when the agendas we set are the agendas we are able to complete. Not only does it make us feel more productive, but it leads others to more likely see the value of what we have planned.

Second, we were able to make the trip about our family, and be totally present throughout. Sometimes, I know that I can get distracted from what I need to be paying attention to with other events and activities that grab my focus. Therefore I’m not as able to fully enjoy all that is happening right in front of me. Because of the timing of the trip, neither my wife nor I felt pulled in any direction other than the one we were charting with our family. And that was great.

Being present, and being able to get others excited about what we love is a great way to make an experience ever more perfect. I have no doubt we’ll be heading down to Nashville for the Fourth of July again in the future. And likely sooner rather than later!