“Back to the Grind”

I’ve had a number of days out of the office, both that contained work-related experiences and those that were focused more on the personal side of my life. Both were excellent, and after a week away, it is time to get “back to the grind.”

While a break from routine is necessary if we are to stay fresh in all that we do, it is good to get back to the routine itself, as routines are helpful in getting us to the point where we are most capable of pushing and stretching ourselves. While sticking in routines can be problematic when we stretch and grow, they are absolutely necessary when we need to get ourselves back into the groove. Nothing sparks creative thinking like first being in “the zone.”

While I enjoyed the opportunity to learn in two new places, I also was happy to be back today, and picking back up with exciting work that I had left last week.

While we all need a change of pace from time-to-time, the fact is, we need to have a pace to begin with, to help us best understand how to continue moving forward!