“Starting Early” - #Blog365Day 312

This morning, I got a very early start. Due to a number of incredibly timely tasks, I was in the office over an hour earlier than I normally would be. Our organization was incredibly quiet at that time, giving me the opportunity to get some work done before the rest of the team arrived.

I was able to start the morning off from an incredibly productive stance, and took care of a number of smaller items that needed to be cleared off my plate before I got started on the deep work. While I’m quite tired, I feel more balanced to continue throughout the day. And that balance is important.

I believe that I tend to be most effective in the early morning hours. And, with the summer in effect, I have a bit more flexibility in when I start my day as compared to my work during the year. Over the summer, with my wife at home, I can get into the office, or head to the gym earlier than normal, providing me with an opportunity to grab an extra bit of work time at the start of the day, rather than trying to fit it in at the end.

Of course, all this comes back to balance. Regardless of when I fit the work in, chances are if I’m making my work day longer, than I haven’t done a good enough job setting my own schedule. Whether it be because of vacation time, conferences, or simply too much work collapsing into too small a time period, this should be a moment to raise an eyebrow and wonder, “How could I schedule this more effectively next time?”

In any event, I’m now off to work on another item that’s on my To-Do list. And technically, my day hasn’t even started yet. :)