“Going Non-Stop” - #Blog365 Day 336

Since I got up this morning, it has felt like I have been going non-stop.

I started with doing some cleaning around the house. Then I had to send a few important emails. Next I booked my daughter’s birthday party. I helped the kids get dressed. Went outside and took care of the gardening. Paid some bills. Took a shower and got dressed. Continued setting up the office.

And now I’m writing a blog post (breakfast will be next).

At times, we have days (or weeks or more) where it feels like we are going from one task to another. While it is great to be that busy, it also gives us a sense of what is happening in our lives, and at least for me, makes me consider whether I need to find a way to slow down a bit.

That isn’t to say that we aren’t all busy or too overscheduled, but I still wonder if there is anything I might do to make my schedule a little less intense.

And I’m torn, because I love the busy nature of things, but when I tend to forget to do things, or I feel as if I can’t find any time for myself, I tend to get stressed.

And I don’t tend to like that very much.

The goal for all of us should be to find ways to balance our professional and personal tasks so that we feel fully challenged with still enough time for us to rest, relax, and recharge. I’m still searching for that perfect balance. When I figure it out, I’ll be sure to share the details!