“Last-Minute Preparations” - #Blog365 Day 337

We are travelling over the next few days, and today has been filled with making some last minute preparations. Along with packing and making sure everything was in order, we had to call our credit card company to let them know we would be out of the country, and set our cell phones to be able to take and make calls.

While this is a short jaunt, it will (hopefully) be a pleasurable one. We intend to relax and enjoy the water and beach for the next three days.

There are always a tremendous number of steps we need to take when circumstances change, and whether preparing for a trip, taking care of hiring, or dealing with a problem that has just arisen, having a sense of priorities and how to attack them, is necessary in order to be successful.

In our case, there were a number of things we needed to do earlier this week (such as make sure we had the proper currency, and there were some things that could wait, like packing our carry-ons. In both cases, though, there was a method to the madness; if done out of order, things likely wouldn’t get done, or wouldn’t get done well.

In our lives, whether personal or professional, that order of operations is important. While we will always have last-minute preparations to make, we never want everything to be last minute. Otherwise, we’re likely to forget something important, like underwear (that happened to me once, truthfully), and we’ll likely be left more stressed out than we were when the experience started.

While we must remember to handle our last-minute steps, we also must remember to heed the value of prioritizing in all that we do.