“Slowing Things Down” - #Blog365 Day 339

We literally spent all day in the water today. Yes, we at breakfast on land, and then got out of the water to have dinner, but the entire rest of the day was spent in the ocean or in a pool.

And that was about it.

It was amazing how even when we slow things down, time can fly.

In other words, we don’t have to be hyper-busy in order for the day to pass quickly.

One of my fears has always been that an endeavor I’m engaged in will cause time to crawl. What’s funny is that this almost never happens, and yet, I’m always nervous that this will be the case.

Which is sad, because if I spend all my time hoping that time passes quickly, then if I’m not careful I might miss all the great things that happen, even when I’m engaged in more “mundane” tasks. There was nothing that was fast-paced today, and yet, we were so engaged that time flew.

So, if it isn’t necessarily a whole lot “happening” during a day that makes it fly, what is it?

Today was a good example that engagement is much more than about the amount of great work we’re doing, or how packed our schedule is. In fact, it is about zoning in on the experience we’re having at that moment, and using that zoning in to truly enjoy life, and all those who are in it with us.

So, whether slowed down or sped up, the fact is that we need to force ourselves to be in the moment, if we are ever to truly enjoy all that life has to offer.