“Let’s Troubleshoot” - #Blog365 Day 340

Coming back to work after a vacation is always somewhat challenging. It takes some time to reacquaint ourselves with the work that is going on, and it can be difficult to get back into the frame of where we were, and where we need to go.

What isn’t difficult, however, is working our brains back into groove around solving problems. I love deducing potential solves to all manner of situations, and find it enjoyable to toss out ideas, thoughts, and theories, even if they end up being wrong or not quite fully developed.

As far as I am concerned, if a half-baked idea leads to someone cultivating a fully baked one, then I am doing my job of helping others further grow their own thinking.

That happened a few times today over a series of meetings, and it was an enjoyable return back to the office to be able to do this kind of work. Sometimes, I find that my work schedule leaves me with too few opportunities to listen, ask questions, and put together ideas. Sometimes, I am so deeply focused on important tasks that I miss the importance of idea generation.

It was nice to be spending a large portion of the day on that work!