“Seeing Success” - #Blog365 Day 342

I wrote a number of weeks ago about the joy, and later frustration, with setting up my arcade system. I’m definitely a kid at heart, so having the opportunity to set it back up once the basement was finished was amazing.

As I also wrote, I was saddened when the computer inside the arcade broke down. Despite all my attempts at fixing it, there was little to no chance that I was going to be able to make it right, particularly because at this point it was eight years old.

So, I worked with the arcade company to figure out what the potential problem might be, and ended up ordering an updated computer. I had to take care of the reinstall myself, which was quite fun, but, after an hour or so, I was able to get everything set up.

When I powered on the machine, it started up right away, and I was able to relive some of my arcade playing past without a hitch.

Success can come at different times and in different ways, and whether an incredible challenge to get there or very easy, it feels great when we see it.

The key is remembering that success can be long-term or fleeting, and we have to be comfortable with realizing it may always be a chase to see it.