“A Swift Recovery” - #Blog365 Day 356

I’m back (or at least as close as possible)! After a day trying to fight a crazy cold, I returned to normal form today and got back to the business of doing the work that I do.

It is always amazing to me how hard it becomes to do seemingly easy tasks when we’re feeling under the weather. And, truth be told, I only had a twenty-four hour thing going on (while I still have my cold, I feel much more energized than I did yesterday).

It made me think quite a bit about the challenges that come with trying to work in extreme conditions, when either we aren’t feeling well physically or emotionally. And, in that sense, it made me more aware that just because we are feeling in tip-top shape, it doesn’t mean that others are, and as such, we always have to be mindful of how people are doing, and therefore give them leeway if it seems like they aren’t operating at their best.

We all need to have days where we can regress in the work that we do. While we should never make a habit of this type of regression, when we know our people, we also tend to know how they work. So, we should make sure we allow for some flexibility for people to take care of themselves. By doing this, we can hopefully prompt a swift recovery, because everyone wants to get back to their best as soon as possible!