“Making the Most of It” - #Blog365 Day 357

We had a date night planned, and then it started to pour.

Of course, in our house, date nights don’t come around too often, so once we set one up, we have to take advantage of it. We were originally thinking of heading to a restaurant we had never been to, on the water, but with the weather (including the humidity) that wouldn’t do.

So, we looked at a number of other restaurants we had been interested in to see if any caught our eyes, but none of them seemed like places we wanted to head out to.

We decided on an old standard, knowing that we would likely get exactly what we imagined, and that, for an evening like this, that was probably just what we needed.

As leaders (and people, for that matter), we have to be comfortable with making the most of any situation. And, we have to become capable of finding the silver lining in every cloud (no pun intended with this example). Whether it be weather, a challenging work situation, a struggling relationship, or something else entirely, making the most of what we have is key to understanding how to live well and live as happily as possible.

And, date night ended up being great!