“To New Experiences”

In the work that we do, we have to be open to new experiences. While the familiar always seems great, there is much that we benefit from in experiencing the new.

The best leaders, certainly the ones I strive to be more like, constantly find themselves in new environments and doing new things. They are always less concerned with showing their knowledge, skills, and expertise, and always more concerned with being worldly, with developing the world-vision that truly puts them in-the-know.

There is something both empowering and frightening about this. First, it is amazing to think that the job of leaders is just to “experience,” and that we don’t necessarily have to be seen as the experts in any given situation. From the frightening side, it can be hard to believe we don’t have to be experts all the time. After all, if people are looking to us to lead, aren’t they looking to us to know it all?

And, of course, the answer to that is “no.” But, we believe, that leading is often more about information giving than life-living. And, that’s a problem.

What made me consider this today? On Sunday night, we hosted the first sleepover for a few girls at our house. The girls were siblings, so it was only coordinating with one family, and in fairness, we’re good friends with the parents, so it was really easy to set up. But, it was the initial time where my daughter had friends stay over, and it was the first time where these girls slept out of the house (except at the homes of other family).

It was a success, though nerve-wracking for all. It seems that just like in the real-world, that is the way it goes, and in both cases, we don’t necessarily have to draw on lots of experience to do things well!