“Clearing the Desk”

There is something wonderful about checking off boxes in a “To-Do” list. Part of it is likely the act of actually checking the box, while the other part is much more the feeling we get with task completion. Basically, we have reached a benchmark, and now we are free to explore other ideas and initiatives with the newfound time we have!

While checking a box doesn’t necessarily mean we’re “done” with an idea or experience, it does provide us with the burst of endorphins necessary to keep working ahead. So, from a leadership and supporting others standpoint, we need to make sure that we are building benchmarks fairly close together. The goal is for people to be empowered by benchmarks, rather than discouraged by them. And, keeping benchmarks in reach is one easy way to make sure that they become morale builders, rather than discouragers.

In truth, a number of the benchmarks I tend to set for myself are really easy ones to accomplish. Others are much more challenging. By varying these benchmarks, and building in a mix of easy and challenging goals, I help to allow myself to continue striving for great work, while at the same time giving myself a break, if needed, when I feel that I need to work on something less taxing.

As I write this I’m looking at a fairly clean desk, a sign that I’ve meet a number of benchmarks, and am ready to move on to some more! Continuous improvement!